Best Restaurants in Faro

Cidade Velha Rooftop

$$$ R. Domingos Guieiro Nr9, 8000-311, Faro
European Premium Casual
Located in the heart of Faro's historic old town, the Cidade Velha rooftop is a culinary delight perched above the city's storied streets. Here, guests can indulge in an exquisite array of gourmet snacks, each thoughtfully crafted to tantalize the taste buds. As you relish our sumptuous offerings, take a moment to drink in the panoramic views of Faro, making every bite an experience to cherish. Try for an elevated dining experience and gastronomically. Discover the flavours and panoramic views that make this rooftop the city's hidden gem.


$ R. 1º De Maio 9, 8000-079, Faro
International Premium Casual Family Style
Papaya in Faro: A culinary oasis offering the Algarve's most vibrant and wholesome dishes, where freshness meets flavour.

Outro Lado

$$ Tv. Da Madalena 6, 8000-461, Faro
International European Casual Dining
Located in the heart of Faro, Outro Lado offers a culinary journey that harmoniously blends the rich traditions of Portuguese cuisine with innovative vegan dishes. Every plate is a testament to the bounty of the Algarve region, crafted using locally sourced, organic ingredients that nourish the body and the soul. Walk into a space where the rustic charm of Portuguese design meets eco-friendly modernity, creating a welcoming and sophisticated ambience. Handcrafted wooden tables, vibrant tiles reminiscent of Faro's streets, and hanging plants contribute to an atmosphere of serene authenticity. The menu at Outro Lado changes with the seasons, ensuring that diners always have the freshest and most vibrant selections. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or simply curious about the myriad of flavours that plant-based cuisine can offer, Outro Lado is more than a restaurant; it's a sensory experience that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, making it a must-visit in Faro.

Bel'mare Gastrobar - Praia De Faro

$$ Av. Nascente 25, 8005-520, Faro
Portuguese Premium Casual
Bel'Mare Gastrobar celebrates Portugal's rich maritime heritage, interwoven with a contemporary twist, located in the heart of Faro. The rustic nautical charm captivates your senses from the moment you step inside. With walls adorned in maritime relics, local artwork, and subtle waves of ambient light, the restaurant resonates with the rhythm of the nearby Atlantic. The bounties of the Algarve coast inspire our culinary journey. Fresh, locally sourced and masterfully prepared seafood takes centre stage in an ever-evolving menu that captures the essence of Faro's gastronomic tradition while flirting with modern Mediterranean influences.

Mavala Osteria Italiana

$$ Largo Da Madalena 10, 8000-134, Faro
Italian Premium Casual
In the historic quarters of Faro, where Portuguese traditions meld effortlessly with global influences, you'll discover Mavala Osteria Italiana. This charming enclave exudes the warmth and passion of Italian dining. Mavala's culinary narrative revolves around authentic recipes passed down through generations. The ingredients, sourced locally and from Italian regions, ensure every dish sings with a genuine Mediterranean character.

Bottle . Wine And Food

$$ R. De Portugal Nº19/21, 8000-281, Faro
Portuguese Casual Dining
At Bottle. Wine and Food in the heart of Faro, Portugal, embraces a straightforward ethos: present exceptional wines paired with a distinctive fusion of flavours.

My'oMeu Restaurante

$$ R. Conselheiro Sebastiao Teles 8, 8000-363, Faro
European Casual Dining Family Style
At My'oMeu Restaurant restaurant, you can delight yourself with this space's delicious specialities and unique atmosphere. Dare to try our vegetarian and vegan delicacies and discover a unique variety of dishes. My'oMeu Restaurant is located in Faro, Portugal.
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