Best Restaurants in Lisbon

Maxime Restaurante-Bar

$$$$ Praça Da Alegria 58, 1250-146, Lisbon
International Premium Casual
Always extravagant, never banal, Maxime Restaurant will amaze you… In the centre of Lisbon, close to Avenida da Liberdade, Maxime Restaurante promises to be the stage for a breathtaking experience. With surprising and vibrant cuisine, an iconic Bar with the most daring cocktails in Lisbon, and a frenetic atmosphere where art, comedy and burlesque intersect.

Restaurante Floresta Das Escadinhas

$$ R. De Santa Justa 3, 1100-483, Lisbon
Portuguese Family Style
Nestled in the heart of Lisbon, "Floresta Das Escadinhas" is a delightful culinary gem renowned for its sublime sardines. Drawing inspiration from Portugal's lush forests and the enchanting stairways of the city, this restaurant aptly translates to the "Forest of Little Stairways." Upon entering Floresta Das Escadinhas, you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere that flawlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary elegance. The decor harmoniously mirrors the restaurant's moniker, featuring lush greenery, dark wood furnishings, and a tasteful scattering of steps, symbolizing Lisbon's many quaint stairways.

Augusto Lisboa

$$ R. De Santa M.nha 26, 1100-491, Lisbon
Portuguese Family Style
Welcome to Augusto Lisboa, an exquisite culinary gem nestled in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. With its rich heritage, enchanting ambience, and tantalizing flavours, Augusto Lisboa promises an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of traditional Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary twist. The moment you step into Augusto Lisboa, you will be enchanted by the warm, inviting atmosphere that blends modern elegance with classic Portuguese charm.

La Bonne Crepe

$$ R. Marquesa De Alorna 30A, 1700-303, Lisbon
French Mediterranean Fast Casual
Step into a charming and delightful culinary haven nestled in the heart of Lisbon, where the aroma of freshly cooked crêpes fills the air, and an authentic French-inspired dining experience awaits you. La Bonne Crêpe is a cosy, warm, and inviting restaurant that promises to transport you to the idyllic streets of France with every mouthwatering bite. The skilled chefs, bring a fusion of traditional French techniques and locally sourced ingredients to create a diverse and delectable menu. Whether you crave sweet or savoury, La Bonne Crêpe has many options to please every palate. If savoury delights are what you seek, the selection of savoury crêpes will not disappoint.

Santa Lúcia Pizzaria Restaurant

$$ Av. Defensores De Chaves 62, 1000-121, Lisbon
Italian Premium Casual
Traditional Italian food is cooked in a wood-fired oven to maintain the unique and fresh flavours of the products. Cosy space where you can also enjoy the terrace overlooking the Campo Pequeno Bullring in Lisbon.

Come Prima

$$ R. Do Olival 258, 1200-744, Lisbon
Italian Premium Casual
The Come Prima restaurant is a must-see for Italian food lovers, located close to the Museum of Ancient Art, between the Historic District of Madragoa and the Lisbon Docks. A cosy space with a romantic atmosphere, it is the ideal place to taste the excellence of the homemade fresh pasta dishes and varied starters, remembering the risottos, meats and wood-fired pizzas with a selection of first-rate ingredients. Quality, always fresh. To accompany a complete wine cellar of national and Italian wines, to finish an offer of desserts is among the most special in Italy.


$$$ Estrada Do Calhariz De Benfica 13, 1500-121, Lisbon
Portuguese Elegant & Chic
A fun evening with homemade food: the freshly made dishes are served in a friendly atmosphere. Welcome to «Re'Tasco». Delight yourself with the tasty delicacies and the unique atmosphere of this space. Dare to try diverse vegetarian specialities and discover a fantastic variety of dishes. It is very simple to have a healthy diet without giving up the pleasures of food. Enjoy good weather on the idyllic terrace. The air-conditioned spaces offer a comfortable environment even when it is sweltering. Re'Tasco is located in Lisbon.

STŌ Mercearia

$$ R. Dos Fanqueiros 83, 1100-227, Lisbon
Portuguese Family Style
A space in downtown Lisbon that values ​​the best Portuguese products and producers. An authentic and 100% national experience. STŌ is a grocery store and a gourmet space whose mission is to promote the best Portuguese products and producers. The light meals menu, made from the products available at the grocery store, invites us to a surprising journey to discover each region of Portugal. Wines, cheeses, preserves, jams, olive oils or spirits are products of various categories and of premium quality to take home or enjoy at our table. While in the store, the customer learns the origin and history of each product, from the kitchen dishes that transform a visit to STŌ into a memorable gastronomic experience where Portugal is the protagonist. STŌ, a place of meeting and sharing where the gastronomic culture and history of the country are valued in a distinctive way.

Plano Restaurante

$$$$ Rua Da Bela Vista à Graça 126, 1170-055, Lisbon
Portuguese Fine dining Elegant & Chic
At Plano, nature defines us. It is at its pace that we move, respecting its cycles, what it offers us and those who dedicate their days to rescue the substance that feeds us from the land and the sea.We believe in the perfection of small things, small producers, crooked vegetables, the almost forgotten ingredients. We believe in the magic of the artisans, of the imperfectly perfect plates, of the pieces that carry a part of those who build them. We believe in the stories that each element of our table tells. Every day we try to pay tribute to the world, to enjoy it, to share it. To return to the earth the same generosity it offer us. Outdoors, in the garden that serves as a shelter on the hottest days, in the midst of the aroma of orange trees and the heat of the fire, in the two interior rooms with minimalist decor and earthy shades or in our private room, created in the old cistern, we try to welcome everyone who arrives as if they were arriving at our home. A home led by chef Vítor Adão and a young team, passionate about the mission of bringing together the best of Portugal in the plates and in the glasses and sharing it with the world. Welcome to Chef Vítor Adão's Plan(o).


$$ R. De São Marçal 111, 1200-420, Lisbon
Portuguese European Elegant & Chic
Welcome to Zazah. A restaurant is thought out with care in every detail so that you are welcome, make it your second home and feel homesick when you are not nearby. Zazah is located in Lisbon.

O Jardim - Sr. Lisboa

$$ R. De São Bento 202, 1200-816, Lisbon
Portuguese International Premium Casual
Tucked away in the vibrant heart of Lisbon, O Jardim (The Garden) is a true culinary oasis that offers an enchanting dining experience. Nestled amidst the city's hustle and bustle, this charming establishment is a tribute to Portugal's rich food culture and an invitation to savor a palette of flavors under the warm Lisbon sun. The enchanting concept of O Jardim is an eclectic blend of modern sensibilities and traditional Portuguese warmth. The restaurant is situated within a beautifully restored 19th-century building, offering a serene outdoor dining area set within a quaint, lush urban garden, an homage to its name. With vintage mosaic tiles underfoot, vibrant blossoming flowers, and rustic wooden tables, the place radiates an atmosphere of simplicity and comfort. The menu at O Jardim is the soul of the place, featuring a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes with a contemporary twist. The kitchen, led by a team of passionate chefs, celebrates local and seasonal produce, serving gastronomic creations that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

Lídia Restaurante & Bar

$$ R. Martens Ferrão 32, 1050-160, Lisbon
Portuguese European Premium Casual
Lídia Restaurant & Bar is a Mediterranean restaurant located in Lisbon. This is the perfect place if you would like to spend a pleasant evening while savouring Mediterranean and Portuguese food specialities.

Bono Lisboa

$$$$ Calçada Ferragial 9, 1200-182, Lisbon
Portuguese Mediterranean Premium Casual Bistrot
The idea is simple: to cook tasty dishes with classic techniques, smoked over coals, colourful, inventive, local products and cosmopolitan cuisine. At Bono, we intuitively work with fire and seasonal ingredients. Bono is Mediterranean restaurant located in Lisbon.

Soul Garden

$$$$ Av. José Malhoa 24, 1070-159, Lisbon
Portuguese Mediterranean Premium Casual
Soul Garden is a soulful space inspired by the four interacting elements of nature – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air – offering a unique sensory experience with an inviting and cosmopolitan ambience. The ideal spot in Lisbon for a delicious meal during the day, an aperitif in the late afternoon, or a dinner with friends and family while sharing a unique sensory experience.

Petiscos E Restaurante Solar Dos Bicos

$$$ R. Dos Bacalhoeiros 8A, 1100-070, Lisbon
Portuguese Family Style
Solar dos Bicos Bar and Restaurant is known for revolutionizing how people eat and enjoy food. They are proud of our ability to discover the most extraordinary flavours in Portugal and share them with residents and tourists in Lisbon. Portuguese gastronomy is diversified and full of good ingredients, with a Mediterranean variety of fish, seafood, olive oil, olives and vegetables, and a varied choice of starters, soups and desserts.

Downunder By Justin Jennings

$$$ R. Dos Industriais 21, 1200-685, Lisbon
Portuguese Elegant & Chic
Downunder By Justin Jennings is an Australian concept restaurant in Sao Bento, Lisbon, Portugal. Downunder by Justin Jennings brings a unique blend of casual dining with unexpected flavours and textures to your dining experience. From the moment you walk in, you'll be embraced by our friendly staff, ready to offer a delectable array of International flavours prepared in a modern Australian style.

M’arrecreo Pizzeria

$$ R. De São Pedro De Alcântara 35, 1200-270, Lisbon
Italian Pizzeria
M’arrecreo Pizzeria is a flight to Naples with a stopover in Bairro Alto, in Lisbon. According to Neapolitan traditions and customs, all pizzas are cooked in a refractory stone oven at a consistent temperature of 480°C. These high temperatures allow us to prepare our pizzas in less than 90 seconds. M’arrecreo Pizzeria make truly authentic Neapolitan pizzas, using high-quality ingredients from protected designations of origin (DOP).

Casa Tradição

$$$ Tv. Almargem 4, 1100-070, Lisbon
Portuguese Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Located in the heart of Lisbon, Casa Tradição is a charming, family-run restaurant dedicated to preserving the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean and traditional Portuguese cuisine. The name, translating to "House of Tradition," truly encapsulates the experience one encounters in this authentic and welcoming establishment. Casa Tradição offers a meticulously curated menu, blending time-honoured recipes with innovative culinary techniques. It celebrates the sea's bounty and the land's richness, providing a unique twist on traditional dishes like Bacalhau à Brás and Polvo à Lagareiro. The chefs use the freshest local ingredients, procured daily from the local markets, ensuring every meal is authentic, and home-cooked.

Restaurante Consensual

$$$ Travessa Da Água Da Flor 42, 1200-011, Lisbon
Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Located in the historic heart of Lisbon, Restaurante Consensual offers patrons an unforgettable blend of traditional Portuguese cuisine and modern culinary innovation. Taking its name from the Portuguese word for 'agreement,' this intimate, stylishly appointed restaurant thrives on the harmonious fusion of food, ambience, and service. From the moment you step through its archaic wood-framed doors, Restaurant Consensual wraps you in a sensory experience unparalleled in Lisbon's food scene. The kitchen, headed by award-winning Chef Tiago, a native of Lisbon, curates a menu as diverse as the city itself. Every dish tells a story, from the freshest seafood caught in the nearby Atlantic, like the classic Bacalhau à Brás, to the succulent Duroc pork shoulder. But it's the Consensual signature dish – the Piri Piri Chicken confit with a twist – that genuinely reflects the restaurant's philosophy: traditional at heart, yet unafraid to reinvent playfully.


$$$ Rua De Santa Apolónia 59, 1100-468, Lisbon
International Premium Casual
Two stages, a terrace with 500 square meters, a bar, restaurant, and a performance room are some of the strong points of the renovated Ferroviário. The perfect place to host any type of event, two distinct environments, inside, the TGV room all goes back to the cabaret, on the terrace the tropical wave is queen. In the heart of Lisbon and with a wonderful view over the Tejo River, it bets on a strong schedule, which weekly receives emerging talent from the city. From music to cinema, including photography, painting, fine arts and gastronomy.
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