Best Restaurants in Porto

Blind Restaurante

$$$$ Rua De Entreparedes 40, 4000-197, Porto
International Fine dining
At Blind, they put into practice their skills, Master's memories, of a constantly evolving world where authenticity and taste are its ultimate expression—the purest way of seeing life. Your senses will be tested through a fresh, renewed, evolutionary and sensitive cuisine. In the detail of each moment, they seek a combination of unique sensations experienced in a relaxed and fun environment. Blind is a fine dining restaurant located in Porto.

Barrica By YoursPorto

$$$$ R. De São Miguel 25, 4050-560, Porto
Portuguese Elegant & Chic
A place where to rediscover the simplicity of taste and knowledge. To know how to dive into those memories, food by food, from moment to moment. In the cylindrical form, the flavour and energy are involved. The yeast of life is born within an oak—an oasis of feelings filled by the intense movement of batonnage. The eclectic choice of ingredients will sometimes test all five (or more) senses. And the surprising journey through the flavours of contemporary cuisine - the most Portuguese you will live.

Meia-Nau Porto

$$ Tv. De Cedofeita 48, 4050-183, Porto
Portuguese European Fast Casual Family Style
Stepping into Meia-Nau, located on Rua Heróis de França, is like embarking on a timeless journey through Porto's maritime heritage. Since its opening in May 2019, this gem, once a bustling workshop, has been transformed into a harmonious blend of sophistication and relaxed ambience, epitomizing the essence of a 'gourmet fish market.' Service is impeccable, with staff adorning shirts and ties, seamlessly blending professionalism with warmth. The décor pays homage to the city's fishing legacy - pristine white tiles on the walls mirror traditional fishmonger stalls. The rustic wooden tables, devoid of tablecloths, emphasize an understated elegance. Delicate black lamps evoke memories of fishing rods, and intricate steel recreations mimic the mesh patterns of octopus fishing nets. Yet, the pièce de résistance of Meia-Nau is the stunning white sailboat from 1930, hanging majestically from the ceiling, a testament to the rich naval traditions of Mocidade Portuguesa. Meia-Nau isn't just a restaurant; it's an experience that tells a story of Porto's maritime soul.


$$ R. Do Conde De Vizela 14, 4050-639, Porto
Portuguese Premium Casual
Encaixados brings a traditional gastronomic experience with a chef’s touch to the city of Porto. Faithful to the Portuguese heritage, the family-friendly and affordable restaurant offers a menu with Snacks to share, Fresh Salads and delicious dishes such as Duck Magret, Salted Codfish and Shrimp Moqueca, Beef Cheeks and Roasted Octopus Tentacle that Portuguese wines selection, craft beers and cocktails can accompany.

Dona Francesinha

$$ R. De Passos Manuel 245, 4000-385, Porto
Portuguese Premium Casual
Located in the heart of Porto, "Dona Francesinha" stands as a testament to the city's rich culinary heritage. Named after Porto's iconic sandwich, the Francesinha, our restaurant pays homage to this delectable delicacy and the myriad flavours of Portuguese cuisine. Stepping into Dona Francesinha, patrons are enveloped in an ambience that marries the old-world charm of Porto with a touch of modern elegance. Exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and vintage Portuguese tiles intermingle with contemporary design elements to create a space that's both cosy and chic. The menu celebrates the Francesinha, offering various renditions of this beloved sandwich, from the traditional spicy beef and cured ham layers smothered in a rich tomato and beer sauce to innovative takes that will tantalize the most discerning palates. Beyond the sandwich, we offer a selection of Portuguese favourites crafted using the freshest local ingredients and paired perfectly with our curated list of Portuguese wines and craft beers.


$$ Rua Dos Caldeireiros 111, 4050-140, Porto
Portuguese Premium Casual Family Style
Located in the heart of Porto, "Chama" offers a captivating culinary journey, seamlessly blending the city's rich history with modern culinary artistry. Drawing inspiration from the Portuguese word for "flame", Chama promises an unforgettable experience, igniting your senses with vibrant dishes and a passionate ambience. As you step inside, be greeted by the warm hues of wooden interiors, evocative of Porto's rustic charm, while subtle contemporary touches hint at the innovation on the plate. Complement your meal with a selection from our extensive wine cellar, featuring renowned labels and hidden gems from the Douro Valley and beyond. Whether you're looking for a robust red to match a tender steak or a crisp white to accompany our signature grilled fish, our sommelier will always guide your choice.

La Ricotta

$$$ R. De Passos Manuel 18, 4000-381, Porto
Italian Premium Casual
The restoration of a 1937 Oporto building, the implementation of a unique eno-gastronomic concept, the fusion of the best of Italy and Portugal, and the guarantee of a memorable experience. La Ricotta restaurant is located in Porto.

Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine

$$$ R. De Mouzinho Da Silveira 228 4000, 4050-417, Porto
Portuguese International Elegant & Chic
Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine is an intimate and elegant yet relaxed place in an ancient palace in a prime location of Porto. The perfect spot to let yourself be whisked away from reality and embark on your exotic journey in an ambience reminiscent of the African jungle. Sip a glass of fine Portuguese wine accompanied by a sample of typical Portuguese specialities or enjoy lunch or dinner with friends in this uniquely inspiring space.

Le Monument

$$$$ Av. Dos Aliados 151, 4000-067, Porto
International Fine dining
Discover the talent and excellence of starred Chef Julien Montbabut's cuisine at the gourmet restaurant Le Monument in the heart of Porto. Indulge in a delicious journey where French know-how enhances the delights of Portuguese traditonal dishes. Awarded a Michelin Star, Le Monument is a must-see address for connoisseurs. Le Monument Restaurant opens its doors with an extraordinary and surprising gourmet experience. After spending two years visiting the wonders of Portugal, Michelin-starred Chef Julien Montbabut recounts his journey and encounters in an admirable gastronomic journey. Let him take you on an exciting culinary journey combining flavours, tales and surprises, revealing Chef's influences and inspirations.

Tapabento S.Bento

$$ R. Da Madeira 221, 4000-330, Porto
International European Mediterranean Family Style
"We are in Porto, but our soul travels the world. As we see it, a restaurant is a welcoming house full of friendly and pleased people, with tables glittering with a bouquet of enchants. Therefore we seek fresh local products daily, which we cook guided by our passion for world flavours, creating and recreating those memories of other places and other times. Every day we welcome people from distant lands or just around the corner with the same enthusiasm for having them at our table in this house where the team is a melting pot of cultures and languages, making the hosting so natural and giving colour to the ambience."


$$ R. Do Dr. Barbosa De Castro 74, 4050-090, Porto
European Mediterranean Family Style
Welcome to Farinha restaurant, located in the heart of the historic district of Porto, two minutes from the Clérigos tower and two steps from Jardim da Cordoaria Park. This restaurant sits in the perfect location to accompany your meal. The team makes every effort so that each of you has a pleasant time at Farinha restaurant. Whether with family, friends or dining solo, they will entice you with our menu, especially the Neapolitan pizza and their multilingual team will be delighted to make your experience memorable.


$$ R. De Passos Manuel 225 R/c, 4000-385, Porto
Portuguese European Family Style
Tucked away in the heart of Porto, Cúmplice is an enchanting culinary haven that seamlessly marries the city's rich history with innovative gastronomy. The name, which translates to 'Accomplice', hints at the intimate and cooperative experience diners are treated to. As you step through its doors, the rustic charm of Porto's cobbled streets gives way to a chic, contemporary ambience, where soft lighting and muted tones allow the food to take centre stage. With a commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients, Cumplice celebrates the flavours of Northern Portugal while pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine. The dishes, passionately curated by a team of world-class chefs, blend the familiar and the unexpected harmoniously. Seafood is fresh from the Atlantic, and succulent Douro Valley meats and vibrant farm-to-table vegetables are innovatively transformed into a sensory journey that will have you revisiting time and time again. At the bar, an extensive list of Portuguese wines, handpicked from boutique vineyards, is available to complement each dish. For those looking to indulge in a cocktail, the mixologist crafts signature drinks that echo the restaurant's spirit of adventure. In a city renowned for its culinary delights, Cúmplice stands out not just as a restaurant but as an experience – a whispered secret among those in the know. Come, be an accomplice in this gastronomic escapade, and let Porto's flavours playfully conspire on your palate.

Muu Steakhouse

$$ Rua Do Almada 149A, 4050-037, Porto
International Fast Casual
Tucked away in the picturesque streets of Porto, MUU Steakhouse stands as a culinary beacon for those who appreciate the finest cuts of meat and a dining experience like no other. Drawing its name from the gentle sounds of cattle, MUU is both a homage to the simple origins of its primary ingredient and a testament to the sophisticated transformation it undergoes under the hands of our skilled chefs. Upon entering MUU Steakhouse, diners are greeted with a fusion of rustic charm and modern elegance. The interiors, featuring exposed brick walls and rich wooden accents, pay tribute to Porto's architectural beauty, while contemporary lighting and decor add a touch of urban sophistication. The menu at MUU celebrates the rich tapestry of steak cuts, from the buttery tenderness of our filet mignon to the robust flavours of our perfectly-aged ribeye. Sourced from the finest local pastures, every piece of meat is hand-selected for its quality and marbling, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite. Complementing our steaks are gourmet sides, from truffled mashed potatoes to sautéed seasonal vegetables, all designed to harmonize with the main dish. Beyond steaks, MUU offers a carefully curated wine list featuring the best of Portugal's vineyards and international selections. Located in the heart of Porto, MUU Steakhouse is not just a place to eat but an experience waiting to be savoured. Whether celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a night out with loved ones, or craving a delectable steak, MUU promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Join us and revel in the art of steak.

Morabeza Boavista

$$ R. De Nossa Sra. De Fátima 495, 4050-428, Porto
African Elegant & Chic
Located in the heart of Porto, Morabeza Boavista offers diners an unforgettable gastronomic experience that marries the traditional with the contemporary. Named after the Cape Verdean Creole term "Morabeza," which embodies warmth, hospitality, and the spirit of welcoming, this establishment lives up to its moniker. Enter through its rustic doors and be immediately transported to a space where old-world charm meets modern elegance. Soft, ambient lighting highlights the tasteful décor, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Porto while paying homage to the Cape Verdean roots suggested by its name. Morabeza Boavista's menu is a fusion of Portuguese favourites and innovative international dishes, all crafted with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Each plate is a testament to the chef's dedication to flavour, precision, and presentation. Pair your meal with a hand-selected wine from their extensive list, focusing on the best that the Douro Valley and other renowned Portuguese wine regions offer.


$$$ Rua Do Almada 151A, 4050-037, Porto
Portuguese European Elegant & Chic
Located in the heart of Porto's bustling streets, Tascö welcomes diners to an unforgettable gastronomic journey through Portugal's rich culinary tapestry. This unique eatery effortlessly combines tradition with modernity, embodying the classic Portuguese 'Tasca' spirit while offering a fresh, contemporary twist. Enter through Tascö's rustic wooden doors and be greeted by the warm embrace of ambient lighting, walls adorned with curated art depicting Porto's storied history, and a gentle serenade of Fado music that transports you to an era gone by. Every corner tells a story, every nook holds a secret. The menu at Tascö is a tribute to Porto's maritime heritage, boasting fresh seafood dishes that capture the essence of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, classic recipes passed down through generations meet innovative techniques, resulting in dishes that tantalize the taste buds and stir the soul. Whether you're savoring the fragrant notes of a robust bacalhau dish or the delicate flavors of freshly shucked oysters, Tascö promises an unparalleled dining experience.

Serra Nossa

$$ Rua Da Natária 101, 4250-327, Porto
Portuguese European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Located in the heart of Porto, Terra Nossa is a tribute to the city's rich history and the bounties of its fertile land. The name, translating to "Our Land", perfectly encapsulates the essence of this gastronomic haven, dedicated to showcasing the finest flavours and ingredients the region has to offer. Walking into Terra Nossa is like stepping into a lovingly preserved slice of Porto - a perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance. Exposed brick walls and vintage tiles tell tales of yesteryears, while modern lighting fixtures and chic decor elements lend a touch of current-day sophistication. The menu is a carefully curated celebration of local produce and traditional recipes with a hint of modern interpretation. Whether it's the freshest catch from the Douro River or succulent meats from the hinterlands, every dish sings praises of Porto’s diverse landscape. Vegetarians, too, can revel in many dishes crafted from the finest seasonal vegetables and greens.


$$$$ R. Do Morgado De Mateus 49, 4000-334, Porto
Portuguese European Elegant & Chic
Tucked away in the heart of Porto, "Atrevo" stands as a testament to Portugal’s rich culinary tapestry interwoven with modern flair. Named after the Portuguese term for 'dare', Atrevo is an audacious foray into traditional gastronomy, daring to redefine the boundaries of classic Portuguese cuisine. When you step into Atrevo, you're greeted by an ambience that blends old-world charm with contemporary sophistication. The weathered cobblestones of Porto underfoot, juxtaposed with sleek, modern decor, create a backdrop that echoes the essence of the menu – timeless yet innovative. Led by a team of passionate chefs, Atrevo celebrates the bounty of Porto’s coastal proximity. The seafood is plucked fresh from the Atlantic, prepared and plated with the artistry that can only be born from a deep respect for the ingredient. Yet, Atrevo doesn’t stop at honouring tradition; it challenges it. Expect the unexpected, with twists on classics like Bacalhau and Francesinha that will tantalize your taste buds in ways they haven't experienced before.

Culto Ao Bacalhau

$$$ Piso Galeria, R. Formosa 322 Loja R8, 4000-248, Porto
Portuguese European Elegant & Chic
The minimalist and sober space tells the Nordic origin of the codfish that, coming from so far away, goes beyond its gastronomic value and, for its relevance, is considered an icon of our own identity. On the menu, you will find traditional Portuguese dishes, which tell stories of a struggling and irreverent nation, transforming the fame of an unfortunate fish into an ingredient of excellence. Culto Ao Bacalhau is located in Porto.

P4 Na Baixa

$$$ R. De Sá De Noronha 61, 4050-526, Porto
Portuguese Premium Casual
P4 na Baixa is a restaurant-gastro bar where you can enjoy a wide range of simple and elegant options in a format of premium tapas and main dishes, accompanied by a carefully selected wine list to experience a perfect harmonization of flavors. A space with a distinct decoration focused on details so you can live an accurate and complete gastronomic experience. P4 na Baixa is located in Porto.
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