Best International Restaurants in Portugal

Outro Lado

$$ Tv. Da Madalena 6, 8000-461, Faro
International European Casual Dining
Located in the heart of Faro, Outro Lado offers a culinary journey that harmoniously blends the rich traditions of Portuguese cuisine with innovative vegan dishes. Every plate is a testament to the bounty of the Algarve region, crafted using locally sourced, organic ingredients that nourish the body and the soul. Walk into a space where the rustic charm of Portuguese design meets eco-friendly modernity, creating a welcoming and sophisticated ambience. Handcrafted wooden tables, vibrant tiles reminiscent of Faro's streets, and hanging plants contribute to an atmosphere of serene authenticity. The menu at Outro Lado changes with the seasons, ensuring that diners always have the freshest and most vibrant selections. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or simply curious about the myriad of flavours that plant-based cuisine can offer, Outro Lado is more than a restaurant; it's a sensory experience that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, making it a must-visit in Faro.


$ R. 1º De Maio 9, 8000-079, Faro
International Premium Casual Family Style
Papaya in Faro: A culinary oasis offering the Algarve's most vibrant and wholesome dishes, where freshness meets flavour.

Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine

$$$ R. De Mouzinho Da Silveira 228 4000, 4050-417, Porto
Portuguese International Elegant & Chic
Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine is an intimate and elegant yet relaxed place in an ancient palace in a prime location of Porto. The perfect spot to let yourself be whisked away from reality and embark on your exotic journey in an ambience reminiscent of the African jungle. Sip a glass of fine Portuguese wine accompanied by a sample of typical Portuguese specialities or enjoy lunch or dinner with friends in this uniquely inspiring space.

Le Monument

$$$$ Av. Dos Aliados 151, 4000-067, Porto
International Fine dining
Discover the talent and excellence of starred Chef Julien Montbabut's cuisine at the gourmet restaurant Le Monument in the heart of Porto. Indulge in a delicious journey where French know-how enhances the delights of Portuguese traditonal dishes. Awarded a Michelin Star, Le Monument is a must-see address for connoisseurs. Le Monument Restaurant opens its doors with an extraordinary and surprising gourmet experience. After spending two years visiting the wonders of Portugal, Michelin-starred Chef Julien Montbabut recounts his journey and encounters in an admirable gastronomic journey. Let him take you on an exciting culinary journey combining flavours, tales and surprises, revealing Chef's influences and inspirations.

Tapabento S.Bento

$$ R. Da Madeira 221, 4000-330, Porto
International European Mediterranean Family Style
"We are in Porto, but our soul travels the world. As we see it, a restaurant is a welcoming house full of friendly and pleased people, with tables glittering with a bouquet of enchants. Therefore we seek fresh local products daily, which we cook guided by our passion for world flavours, creating and recreating those memories of other places and other times. Every day we welcome people from distant lands or just around the corner with the same enthusiasm for having them at our table in this house where the team is a melting pot of cultures and languages, making the hosting so natural and giving colour to the ambience."

Blind Restaurante

$$$$ Rua De Entreparedes 40, 4000-197, Porto
International Fine dining
At Blind, they put into practice their skills, Master's memories, of a constantly evolving world where authenticity and taste are its ultimate expression—the purest way of seeing life. Your senses will be tested through a fresh, renewed, evolutionary and sensitive cuisine. In the detail of each moment, they seek a combination of unique sensations experienced in a relaxed and fun environment. Blind is a fine dining restaurant located in Porto.

Muu Steakhouse

$$ Rua Do Almada 149A, 4050-037, Porto
International Fast Casual
Tucked away in the picturesque streets of Porto, MUU Steakhouse stands as a culinary beacon for those who appreciate the finest cuts of meat and a dining experience like no other. Drawing its name from the gentle sounds of cattle, MUU is both a homage to the simple origins of its primary ingredient and a testament to the sophisticated transformation it undergoes under the hands of our skilled chefs. Upon entering MUU Steakhouse, diners are greeted with a fusion of rustic charm and modern elegance. The interiors, featuring exposed brick walls and rich wooden accents, pay tribute to Porto's architectural beauty, while contemporary lighting and decor add a touch of urban sophistication. The menu at MUU celebrates the rich tapestry of steak cuts, from the buttery tenderness of our filet mignon to the robust flavours of our perfectly-aged ribeye. Sourced from the finest local pastures, every piece of meat is hand-selected for its quality and marbling, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite. Complementing our steaks are gourmet sides, from truffled mashed potatoes to sautéed seasonal vegetables, all designed to harmonize with the main dish. Beyond steaks, MUU offers a carefully curated wine list featuring the best of Portugal's vineyards and international selections. Located in the heart of Porto, MUU Steakhouse is not just a place to eat but an experience waiting to be savoured. Whether celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a night out with loved ones, or craving a delectable steak, MUU promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Join us and revel in the art of steak.


$$$ R. Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 17, 2900-558, Setúbal
Portuguese International European Mediterranean Premium Casual
"Xtoria in Setúbal, Portugal, is a contemporary and innovative restaurant that has quickly established itself as a culinary hotspot in the region. Located in the lively and picturesque city of Setúbal, Xtoria is known for its modern approach to cuisine, blending traditional Portuguese flavours with global culinary techniques to create a unique and memorable dining experience. The ambience of Xtoria is chic and contemporary, with a stylish and sophisticated interior design. Clean lines, characterizedings, and a relaxed, modern colour scheme characterise the space. Artistic touches and subtle lighting create an elegant and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a sophisticated dining experience. The restaurant's layout, including a spacious dining area and a comfortable bar section, allows for intimate dinners and relaxed social socializing. The heart of Xtoria's appeal is its dynamic and creative menu. The chefs at Xtoria take pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients to craft visually stunning and rich-flavoured dishes. The menu features an array of innovative dishes that push the boundaries of traditional Portuguese cuisine, incorporating elements from various international cuisines to create a truly eclectic and exciting culinary journey.


$$$ Rua De Santa Apolónia 59, 1100-468, Lisbon
International Premium Casual
Two stages, a terrace with 500 square meters, a bar, restaurant, and a performance room are some of the strong points of the renovated Ferroviário. The perfect place to host any type of event, two distinct environments, inside, the TGV room all goes back to the cabaret, on the terrace the tropical wave is queen. In the heart of Lisbon and with a wonderful view over the Tejo River, it bets on a strong schedule, which weekly receives emerging talent from the city. From music to cinema, including photography, painting, fine arts and gastronomy.

O Jardim - Sr. Lisboa

$$ R. De São Bento 202, 1200-816, Lisbon
Portuguese International Premium Casual
Tucked away in the vibrant heart of Lisbon, O Jardim (The Garden) is a true culinary oasis that offers an enchanting dining experience. Nestled amidst the city's hustle and bustle, this charming establishment is a tribute to Portugal's rich food culture and an invitation to savor a palette of flavors under the warm Lisbon sun. The enchanting concept of O Jardim is an eclectic blend of modern sensibilities and traditional Portuguese warmth. The restaurant is situated within a beautifully restored 19th-century building, offering a serene outdoor dining area set within a quaint, lush urban garden, an homage to its name. With vintage mosaic tiles underfoot, vibrant blossoming flowers, and rustic wooden tables, the place radiates an atmosphere of simplicity and comfort. The menu at O Jardim is the soul of the place, featuring a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes with a contemporary twist. The kitchen, led by a team of passionate chefs, celebrates local and seasonal produce, serving gastronomic creations that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.


$$$$ Rua Do Arsenal 146, 1100-041, Lisbon
International Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Open doors directly to the street invite locals and visitors to discover a world of unique flavours and sensations. Porter Bistro is a quality dining venue in a relaxed atmosphere. It's located in Lisbon.

Noobai - Rooftop Bar E Restaurante

$$ Miradouro Do Adamastor, 1200-401, Lisbon
International Cocktail Bar
Noobai is a Rooftop Bar Restaurant located at the trendy Santa Catarina Belvedere close to Bairro Alto. Situated on a Lisbon hilltop Noobai has a panoramic view over the old townhouses, the modern buildings, the Tagus River, the harbour, the "25 de Abril" bridge and the amazing sunset. Noobai has an indoor room and three terraces prepared for Winter and Summer. The name 'Noobai' comes from the Creole "Nu bai", meaning " Let's go". The word was stylized to become more cosmopolitan but has not lost meaning because it represents an invitation to happiness and friendship, to celebrate life's joys and contemplate both Nature and the City. Let's go.

Topo Martim Moniz

$$ Praca Martim Moniz Centro Comercial Martim Moniz, 6th Floor, 1100-341, Lisbon
International Fast Casual Cocktail Bar
At the bar, consulting and designing the cocktail menu is the responsibility of Luís Domingos, from Black Pepper&Basil – he was involved in projects as diverse as Pharmacia, Cais da Pedra or Pedro e o Lobo -, who highlights the terrace of excellence to enjoy a cocktail at the end of the day. The bar menu will rotate, starting with 10 cocktails, but there are also non-alcoholic options, such as shakes or specific natural fruit juices each week. There will be no lack of music to complete the atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors, and a bit of culture, because that's what Martim Moniz is made of. One of TOPO's walls is reserved for an exhibition of canvases by emerging artists. Those by artist Paulo Arraiano make their debut.

Mensagem - Restaurante E Bar Panorâmico

$$$$ R. Da Oliveira Ao Carmo 8, 1200-309, Lisbon
International Fast Casual Premium Casual
Located at the top of the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, the most recent hotel in the Lux Hotels chain, the Restaurant & Bar Panorâmico Mensagem combines Artisan/Comfort Food cuisine and traditional Portuguese cuisine. An intimate restaurant led by Executive Chef Manuel Ferreira and his right-hand man, Chef Diogo Lacerda, with a breathtaking view over Lisbon. Located at the top of the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, the latest hotel of the Lux Hotels chain, the Restaurant & Panoramic Bar is a meeting of Artisan / Comfort Food and traditional Portuguese cuisine. An intimate restaurant led by Executive Chef Manuel Ferreira and Chef Diogo Lacerda, with a breathtaking view over Lisbon.

Sky Bar Oriente

$$$ Av. Dom João II 27, 1990-08, Lisbon
International Cocktail Bar
The Sky Bar Oriente is a benchmark in Lisbon nightlife and stands out for its amazing skyline and river views and versatility. Located on the 16th floor of the Tivoli Oriente Lisboa Hotel, the stunning views from this rooftop bar let you appreciate this modern side of city life in Lisbon. On one of the balconies, you’ll find a scenario of blue stretching out into the distance with the River Tagus at your feet and the Vasco da Gama Bridge on the horizon. An unparalleled view of Parque das Nações where the iconic buildings from the World Exhibition of 1998 (Expo’98) are visible, including the Museum of Living Science, the Oceanarium, the Portuguese National Pavilion, Altice Arena, the FIL International Trade Fair and the riverside cable car. If you prefer a more urban landscape, the Sky Bar Oriente also has a terrace facing in the other direction where you can bask in a golden sunset and enjoy panoramic views of the Eastern side of the city and the architecturally amazing Oriente Station, designed by Santiago Calatrava. With light and cosmopolitan decoration, this rooftop bar has a covered central area allowing it to operate all year round, guaranteeing the same comfort and incredible views. Perfect for a late afternoon drink for two, an after-work cocktail or getting together with friends, Sky Bar Oriente has a fun menu of snacks and drinks including designer cocktails.

Rossio Gastrobar

$$$ R. 1º De Dezembro 118, 1200-360, Lisbon
International Premium Casual
Located on the 7th floor of the Altis Avenida Hotel, the Rossio Gastrobar is the new spot in Lisbon that combines good food, drinks and music with a unique view of the Rossio Square, St. Jorge Castle and the Tagus River. The space invites you to share it relaxed, where you should even use organic cutlery, your hands—the perfect place for a cocktail at the end of the day or even dinner.

OKAH Restaurant & Rooftop

$$$$ Cais Rocha Conde De Óbidos 4°Piso, 1350-352, Lisbon
International Premium Casual Cocktail Bar
ŌKAH is divided into two distinct areas, restaurant and bar. It's a Rooftop that easily adapts to the different seasons of the year since it has indoor and outdoor spaces. The restaurant features creative cuisine with international dishes with an original twist, ranging from typical Portuguese dishes to sushi combinations from sustainable fishing. The bar shapes itself according to the time of day. They were considered the perfect choice for a late afternoon with friends, for parties at night and corporate events during the day. There's also a bar with several signature cocktails and snacks.

Terraço Chill-Out Limão

$$$ Av. Duque De Loulé 83, 1050-089, Lisbon
International Premium Casual
​In the H10 Duque you can enjoy a delicious fusion of Portuguese and Spanish flavours in the Azul e Branco restaurant. Then relax over a coffee in the Equestre Bar or take in the fantastic city views from the hotel’s Chill-Out Limão terrace.

Sky Bar Lisboa By Seen

$$$ Av. Da Liberdade 185, 1269-050, Lisbon
International Cocktail Bar
Its privileged location on the 9th floor of the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade, perfectly complements the food and drinks menu, which features Cocktails and Virgin Cocktails by Lucas Jaques, Head Bartender of the bar at SEEN, and dining options from the famous SEEN by Olivier. With St. Jorge's Castle to your left, the River Tagus and the Arrábida Mountains as the backdrop and the Lisbon skyline at your feet, the Sky Bar has some breathtaking views and is the calling point for numerous celebrities, especially in spring and summer. Known as the ideal spot for late afternoons, unique sunsets and warm nights, relax and have fun while you enjoy the sound of our resident DJ.

Entretanto Rooftop Bar @ Hotel Chiado

$$ R. Nova Do Almada 114, 1100-184, Lisbon
International Bistrot Cocktail Bar
Located in Chiado, the most trendy, elegant and chic meeting point in Lisbon. The Meanwhile Rooftop Bar is located on the 7th floor of the hotel and offers a service of light food and snacks, cocktails, wine by the glass and the best view to contemplate the city of Lisbon.
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